Bluecol screen wash ready mix with rain repellant and bug blitz

Bluecol 3 in 1 Winter Screen Wash with De-Icer and Plexiglass Rain Repellent continues to be formulated to obvious the windshield of ice and lightweight frost although adding yet another rain repellent coating. This coatings incorporates unique water repelling qualities, applying an obstacle against rain, sleet and snow, meaning clearer vision and improved driving safety.


Bluecol 3 in 1 Winter Concentrated Screen Wash contains effective cleaners which rapidly remove dirt, grime and bug deposits from windscreens without smearing, for much better and safer visibility in most driving conditions. Bluecol 3 in 1 Concentrated Screen Wash also provides winter protection lower to -36A°C when used neat to assist avoid the washer bottle contents from freezing and also to clean the windshield washer system which will help prevent microbial growth.

Bluecol screen wash won’t damage wiper blades or rubber seals and works with modern polycarbonate and plexiglass mind lights.

  • 1. Dilute screenwash accordingly. Dilute 20% in normal conditions, 33% in the winter months conditions, 50-100% in severe winter conditions.
  • Remove screenwash reservoir cap and pour diluted screenwash to preferred fill level.
  • Replace Cap.

Bluecol Screenwash (%) Approximately. winter protection (A°C.)


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